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We’re going to have a party, don’t invite your friends, ‘cause my friends are better than yours. Dress up for the evening, never mind the trends ‘cause we’ll all be gone before somebody notices they’re wearing the same shoes. Everybody here is an acquaintance at least, and they’ve all got something to do: Joshua’s in the corner smoking someone’s weed, me and my friends stick to booze. So why can’t I make my head stay level? Where’d I lose my keys? Who invited all these hipster assholes? I need to step out and breathe. .//. [I, uh, it takes like physical energy for me when that many people are around just to, like, stay alive.] {I completely feel you.} [So I just need to recharge ever so often.] .//. Back into the kitchen, down another shot and take a couple puffs off the pipe. Jimmy says it’s Californian, I don’t mind as long as I don’t remember the night. Cause this week’s been a bitch — at least. I can’t cope without some release. Even time sometimes can’t heal a thing, but the nights were made for numbing the pain. We’re going to have a rager, why aren’t you here yet? The Jameson’s almost gone. Well, I’m not going out again at least this week I’m getting pretty faded; I’m getting pretty gone. If you’re not coming, pick me up at dawn.


from I, released January 20, 2017
Written by Spazz Cardigan/Sarah Silva • Wolf Boddhisatta Songs (SESAC)/Sarah Silva Songs (ASCAP)/E Med Publishing (ASAP)/Dead Aim Music (BMI) • Recorded at The Mojo Dojo, Nashville, TN • Vocals recorded at North Beach, Franklin, TN by Tanner Roman • Vocals, guitars, bass, piano + percussion by Spazz • Cello by Julian Mastri • Additional string arrangement by BC • Mixed and mastered by Room & Bored.



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Spazz Cardigan Nashville, Tennessee

Spazz Cardigan is a prog-pop musician and creator based in Nashville, TN. He uses an colorful spectrum of production techniques, collaborators, and cultural influences to create hybrid music.

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